Major works, Steel and Prefabs

The major work sector is operational with vehicles equipped with the latest generation tipping containers for the transport of excavated earth and rocks.

The service provided to the customer includes, upon request, the material loading service with operating machines (excavators, wheel loader or tracked loader).

Autosped G also operates in the transport of aggregates such as sand, gravel, asphalts, reclaimed asphalt, and de-icing salts.

The waste transport activity sees AutospedG registered in the National Register of Environmental Managers in the cat. 4 (collection and transport of special non-hazardous waste) classes A and E, cat. 5 (collection and transport of special hazardous waste) class F and cat. 8 (brokerage and trade of waste without holding the waste) class D, with about 100 vehicles.

The transport of steel and prefabs involves over 110 tractors and 200 trailers dedicated to the transport of iron, coils, tinplate, prefabricated buildings, equipment and accessories for construction and various materials. In addition to oversize loads, vehicles are available for the transport of oversized metal sheets and with permanent permits.