Major sporting events

Autosped G, through the Major sporting events Sector, offers its customers a range of services.

The services concern not only the management of transport logistics, but also the supply of related assistance services in the field such as the installation, through specialized workers, of all the structures / infrastructures / equipment necessary for the preparation of hospitality services by the paddocks of the most important circuits in the world and the customization of stadiums during sporting events.

The company employs over 100 employees including installers and drivers and about 80 owned vehicles divided between:

  • road tractors;
  • semi-trailers equipped for office/workshop use;
  • vans and curtainsider semi-trailers for the transport of goods;
  • semi-trailers for transport at controlled temperatures;
  • minivans;
  • vans.


Autosped G’s activity began as a simple hauler but later evolved with new professional profiles for the provision of tire fitters, tire technicians and sports event set-up services all over the world.

The sector, born as a niche business, has undergone a rapid evolution and has currently taken strategic importance for Autosped, which consistently dedicates investments and attention to new projects.